Aug 262012
nexus 7 useful apps photo

List of useful free apps to make your Nexus 7 better out of the box.

The Nexus 7 has quality stock apps but lacks certain features that would improve useability and performance, so I have put together this list to guide new users to some of the great apps I would have liked to be pre-installed on my Nexus7.

For reference, a list of the stock apps can be found here.

1.Front camera launcher

This very simple application adds a launcher icon for the Camera application.This allows you to use the Camera and Video Camera on Nexus 7 – Download link

2. Front Mirror

Simple app that allows you to use the front camera as a mirror - Download link

2. Dictionary – Mirriam Webster

A good offline dictionary – Download link

3. ES or Astro File manager

Makes searching for file types easy! Download Link

4. Quick system pro

Monitor your Nexus 7 apps, wifi traffic, CPU with ease – Download link

5. Tablet Talk

Use your mobile number to send and receive text messages on your Nexus 7 – Download Link

6.  Printer Share or PrintBot

Print straight from your Nexus 7 to your printer of choice – Printer Share / PrintBot

7. Battery Widget

See exactly how much battery charge you have on you nexus 7 front screen – Download Link

8. Facebook App

I know it’s google’s competitor but nearly everyone uses Facebook – Download Link

9. TuneIn Radio

Listen to 70k + online radio stations of your favorite music – Download Link

10. MX player

Plays most movie file formats, unlike the stock player – Download Link

11. Nvidia Tegra-Zone

Must have for game lovers who want reviews and release dates of new Tegra games – More Information