Nexus 7 apps for android can be found here, including a list of apps that should be pre-installed on the N7 out of the box, or to find the newest Tegra 3 Android games check out Nvidia’s Tegra-zone here.

Worried about Security and Virus’s on your Android tablet? Then read about the best and worst Android antivirus apps here.

Dec 082012
SwiftKey Flow keyboard Open Beta released

SwiftKey recently released their new android keyboard platform for both mobile and tablet devices, The SwiftKey Flow is in open beta meaning it’s completely free to download and use.  There’s no hidden catches because the developers are still testing the keyboard app and want to gather as much  feedback as possible to improve it’s performance [Read more]

Oct 132012
How to use the Nexus 7 as a portable office (Part 2: Security)

Protect your confidential details, your files, your business! Jelly Bean Security features One of the first things to do is use the already available security features of Jelly Bean, Setup a lock screen This will keep your Nexus 7 private and stop others using the tablet without your permission first, The next steps show you [Read more]

Aug 292012
Best and worst Android antivirus apps - AV-test report in response to the rising threats of harmful apps carried out a comprehensive test on android based antivirus software to find the best and worst of the bunch, not to worry anyone but I was surprised to the amount of threats for android users, Phishing, Banking trojans, spyware, bots, root exploits, fake installers, sms [Read more]

Aug 152012
Lookout Security & antivirus

 Free android antivirus software This android security suite is both and antivirus and backup utility, FREE FEATURES ARE Security: * Antivirus: Block malware, spyware, and trojans * Scan each app you download to make sure it is safe * Schedule daily or weekly antivirus scans. Get automatic, over-the-air, protection against the latest threats * File [Read more]

Aug 142012
Pocket - Formerly Read It Later

Pocket allows you to simply save website articles, videos, pictures to your Nexus 7 for viewing offline later on. What makes this application worth having is it’s clear layout when viewing saved files, Ease to download files – select share on your browser or application and select pocket, Compatibility with most browsers and many apps [Read more]

Aug 062012
Swype Keyboard Beta

You can download and use the new Swype keyboard for free just go to this link, register and follow the instructions.  The site states that swype will be in beta therefore free for at least 6 months. Personally i love swype on mobile phones and although it does the job i found the tablet size [Read more]

Aug 062012
Thumb Keyboard

Thumb keyboard makes typing on tablets easy with features to customize the width of keys so if your got extraordinary short or long fingers then simply adjust the distance of the keys. Works very well with Nexus 7 and is recommended by users. Download from Google play.  Price is £1.79

Aug 042012
Stock Apps pre-installed on the Nexus 7

Out of the box installed Apps on the Nexus 7 Chrome Internet Browser – Fast and simple to use optimised for the 7″ screen.  Lacking flash support at present. Google+ – The new social platform by Google to contend with Twitter, facebook websites.  Google plus can be said to be reading about other people in [Read more]