Nov 282014

Out of the box installed Apps on the Nexus 7

Chrome Internet Browser - Fast and simple to use optimised for the 7″ screen. Lacking flash support at present.

Google+ – The new social platform by Google to contend with Twitter, facebook websites. Google plus can be said to be reading about other people in your ‘circles’ rather than writing about yourself. It promotes discussions. Also features video based chatting an ideal opportunity to put the Nexus front camera to use!

Gmail – If you have the Nexus7 then you really should have a Googlemail account. Gmail allows you to access your email account with ease.

Maps – Google Maps turns your tablet into a Navigator with the ability to install road maps and built in GPS to navigate offline. Satellite, street views are available and traffic alerts now are provided to help plan journeys.

Google Talk – Talk to others with this live chat connected to your google account.

People – Similar to contacts on mobile phones and gives you quick access to talk to other through google voice, talk and messaging.

YouTube – Browse and watch YouTube. Use fullscreen HD mode for optimum experience.

Calendar – Ideal for planning future dates such as birthdays, set reminder alarms beforehand to remember to buy presents.

Google Currents - Streams newspaper and magazine articles of your choice to a easy to navigate tablet format index.

Google Earth - An amazing application allowing you to view the globe in 3D zoom in and find rendered satellite photos of different places.

Google playThe Official Android market place with Apps, Games, Movies, Music for download can be found here.

Play Music – Googles Music player with built in equalizer, bass boost and 3D effects.

Others: Clock with alarm, calculator