Nov 042012
buy the nexus 7 with mobile data connection

Hot on the heels of the Nexus 7 32GB version, google are soon releasing a slightly more expensive Data enabled model also with 32GB of memory,

The current price for this new model is down for £239 with the only extra feature being the ability to connect to the internet through a data plan,

The newest addition to Google’s Tablet arsenal comes with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) further improved 3G wireless data connectivity (3G on steroids), apparently allowing data transfer rates of: 168 Mbit/s Downloads and 22 Mbit/s uploads.

The Device is Unlocked allowing uses the ability to connect to any wireless network,

Check out the googleplay site for more details here.

Dear readers,

Do you think it’s worth the extra 39 quid for internet anywhere connection?

In my opinion I think it’s ideal for those without an original Nexus 7 device to go for the £239 HSPA+ version as you have the flexibility of choosing where and when you can use the internet,

However there are other factors to bear in mind such as those with WiFi home connectivity and Mobile phones with Hot Spot option, are able to have a data enabled Nexus 7 nearly anywhere already!

I guess the Internet speed may be the deciding factor as Mobile data connections can be hit and miss in my experience and having a HSPA+ specific high speed Nexus 7 internet connection would be amazing to have.

Dear Readers I would love to hear your opinions on whether you think paying an extra £40 for Internet Data connection you then must pay for is worth it?

  • Vakeros

    Could be worth it to use VOIP. And for accessing things stored in the cloud.

    • Adam Davids

      Thanks Vakeros,
      I guess VOIP would be nice, but then again we have mobile phones that should do that just fine. Having access to the cloud anywhere would be ideal for a tablet that is made to make use of those services!

  • Headmaster

    you don’t know the difference between bare and bear. 1/10 and detention

    • Adam Davids

      Well done, can you see anymore mistakes?

      • Pedant

        Don’t worry Adam, Headmaster’s got this one wrong…!

  • Elizabeth

    Do you have to pay monthly for internet, or do you just pay £239 and that’s it? If it’s the latter, its a really good deal! I need to know, because I’m deciding whether or not to buy one!

    • Adam Davids

      Hi Elizabeth, I agree they are a good deal, you will pay £239 for the Nexus 7 above thats everything!

      and then you can choose to use your wifi at home or at hotspots or pay a phone company for a mobile data package so you have the internet everywhere you go.

      • Elizabeth

        Where’s the cheapest place to buy unlimited internet for it? And what type of card is it? SD, Sim, Micro SD (I don’t know much about this kinda stuff)

        • Adam Davids

          Dear Elizabeth,

          That gave me an idea to put together a list of unlimited internet providers, thank you.

          A simple option for internet in the UK would be something like this 3G Sim card 3GB of internet for 3 months

          You don’t need a SD and Micro SD are cards that give you more Memory to store music, movies etc.

          You need A Micro Sim Card for the internet. I also recommend you go into a mobile shop and just ask them as they will explain fully what you need and have deals to offer you.

          • Elizabeth