Nov 202013

Wow it’s been a long time since I last posted on, almost 7 months since I really did a large article about the Nexus 7 or related products. The reason I took a long holiday from nexus 7 UK is because I was relocating to the other side of the country for work. I also have a young family who I absolutely adore and must come first before any hobbies I have.

Now we are settled in wales I hope to start posting to the website more frequently and keep visitors updated with recent Nexus 7 news and products, games and app’s,

Let’s go straight into the subject and run through the app’s and accessories I’ve been using over the past several months!

  • The Case I use now is a simple silicon case with very thick corners to keep my Nexus protected during accidental drops, the case fits tightly and is easy to hold, nothing more I need from a case.  Amzer Silicone Skin,
  • I brought a pair of Gumy’s JVC earphones about a year ago and they work good enough for me, in my opinion they give good quality sound when you take into consideration the cheap price tag of 5 pounds,
  • The other useful utility compatible with both apple and android devices is this excellent in-car charger,

Now on with the app’s and game’s..

  • When I do get the time to play games, I like playing Football Manager Handheld 2013, because it’s so addictive and reminds me of when I used to play  the old PC version, Championship manager 2 on the PC years ago. 
  • An addictive online game I got into more recently is Clash of Titans a combat strategy game where you build a village then go to war with other villages (online players) to win gold, what’s good about this title is it’s very polished and can be picked up and played at any moment.  What I particularly like about this android game is the fact your village will continue orders you give after you leave the game.
  • now for app’s, when I go to bed and want to catch up on the latest news on a certain subject, Zite is customizable to personal interests and searches a large database of online articles then presents you with relevant and informative posts.
  • When it comes to keyboards nothing beats the Thumb keyboard for me because it just feels right to use in landscape mode and speeds up my word’s per second,

And that about sums up the usage on my Nexus 7,

So what about you? I would love to hear comments on what you’ve been playing or doing on your Nexus 7 during the past several months!