Nov 262014

Shadowgun gameplay video

NVIDIA Tegra 3: Shadowgun

Shadowgun is made by Madfinger games the same developers who created Dead trigger. This one is a 3rd person shooter meaning you are looking from the perspective of behind your character, think gears of wars. the combination of excellent graphics and exciting gameplay with multiplayer modes make this game worth paying for. The game received rave reviews on phones and its one of the best android tegra FPS games at present, if your looking to downloading games on android this is worth a look. Download Shadow gun from google play store.

Nov 262014

Nexus 7 UK sold case with Carbon fibre appearance

The Good

  • It’s under 10 pounds! and is rated highly by reviews.nexus7carbonfibrecase
  • Well thought out, there are holes in the right places!, it can be used as a stand ideal for watching TV or movies.
  • Magnetic clip to keep cover closed also acts as an on/off button due to the magnetic sensors in google’s tablet.
  • Free Stylus pen that works excellently with Nexus 7’s keyboard.
  • Stylus holder for the stylus pen included

The Bad

  • Though few complaints the cheap price tag makes me question the quality.

All in all, a nice looking case with excellent features especially for the price. I’m sold considering the cheap price tag and if it doesn’t last past 3 months well no loss and i will go for a more expensive one next time. Google Nexus 7 Tablet Case – Black Carbon Fibre Nexus 7 Case UK price from amazon is £9.88