Dec 072014

List of android apps that should have been pre-installed on the Nexus 7

Sadly the Nexus 7 lacking in quantity of stock apps preinstalled on purchase, the ones that were installed are decent enough but there just was not enough.  Click here for the list of apps pre-installed

1.Front camera launcher

This very simple application adds a launcher icon for the Camera application.This allows you to use the Camera and Video Camera on Nexus 7 – Download link

2. Front Mirror

Simple app that allows you to use the front camera as a mirror - Download link

2. Dictionary – Mirriam Webster

A good offline dictionary – Download link

3. ES or Astro File manager

Makes searching for file types easy! Download Link

4. Quick system pro

Monitor your Nexus 7 apps, wifi traffic, CPU with ease – Download link

5. Tablet Talk

Use your mobile number to send and receive text messages on your Nexus 7 – Download Link

6.  Printer Share

Print straight from your Nexus 7 to your printer of choice – Download Link

7. Battery Widget

See exactly how much battery charge you have on you nexus 7 front screen -Download link