Nov 262014

Nexus 7 UK sold case with Carbon fibre appearance

The Good

  • It’s under 10 pounds! and is rated highly by reviews.nexus7carbonfibrecase
  • Well thought out, there are holes in the right places!, it can be used as a stand ideal for watching TV or movies.
  • Magnetic clip to keep cover closed also acts as an on/off button due to the magnetic sensors in google’s tablet.
  • Free Stylus pen that works excellently with Nexus 7’s keyboard.
  • Stylus holder for the stylus pen included

The Bad

  • Though few complaints the cheap price tag makes me question the quality.

All in all, a nice looking case with excellent features especially for the price. I’m sold considering the cheap price tag and if it doesn’t last past 3 months well no loss and i will go for a more expensive one next time. Google Nexus 7 Tablet Case – Black Carbon Fibre Nexus 7 Case UK price from amazon is £9.88