Nov 262014

Google Nexus UK Review

Okay i admit this review is biased, obviously i am a fan of this tablet. :) But please read on as my review is very detailed and informative and will give you true facts of exactly what you will get with the Nexus 7

The Good

  • No noticeable screen lag
  • Amazing battery life 9 hours+nexus 7 tablet photo
  • Very portable, can fit inside a pocket
  • Nvidia Tegra 3 makes perfect for gaming

The Bad

  • Poor camera, a measly 1.2mp front camera and no rear
  • No extra connectivity, no HDMI or SD slot’s
  • No headphones or case bundled in.
  • No flash support out of the box

Google with the help of Asus managed to develop a tablet that for what you get in terms of raw power and quality is frankly better and cheaper than any equivalent tablet on the market.
The price tag is the same wherever you buy from thanks to Google’s strict pricing policy, in the UK you can buy an 8GB, Nexus 7 for £159 and £199 for the 16GB version. At least you know you won’t be ripped off! The battery life is excellent at an estimated 9.5 hours per full charge. First time I saw the Nexus7 I instantly compared it to the Samsung note due to the size and sleek design. However google’s new tablet is just that bit bigger to give you a comfy hand held device with screen size that’s easy on the eyes whether your reading newspapers, playing games or browsing the web. To keep the price down Asus and google designed the Nexus with no rear camera, the tablet makes do with back of nexus 7 tableta low quality front camera which main use is for video calling.

Features Connections are lacking when compared to similar android tablets, theres no HDMI port, no full size USB port. Googles new tablet contains two connection ports along the bottom edge. A 3.5mm headphone jack and micro USB port. Instead the nexus relies heavily on wireless technology wifi and bluetooth to transfer files too and from other devices. Google Nexus7 Contains the following features:

  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetometer
  • Gyroscope
  • GPS
  • Power on/off/lock screen button
  • Volume -/+ button

Screen Google Play looked excellent on the Nexus screen, with rich colors, high levels of detail, and good viewing angles. Videos streamed via Wi-Fi from YouTube looked great, too. The 7in, 1,280 x 800 pixel IPS back and small scratch proof 7″ screen makes it ideal for travel.

Portability The shape and size reminded me of the Samsung Note, although the tablet is a few inches larger it fits comfortably in my pocket. The exact thickness and weight is 10.9mm and 336g.

Cosmetics The device looks and feels expensive, on the front there’s an metal rim surrounding the screen and the hard rubber textured back that grips to surfaces.

Operating system Running Googles new android operating system called ‘Jelly bean’. No flash installed however tutorials are available on howto side load the flash player. A list of google android apps that come Installed.

Storage You have a choice of two options 8GB or 16GB, there is no micro SD slot for extra storage. Google choose to neglect storage space options in an attempt to encourage customers to use their online cloud-based services where customers can access their personal media via wifi connections from online hard drives. Googles own Service, Google drive offers users 5GB’s space for free, 25GB for £1.50, 100GB for £3.00 per month.

Sound The speaker is found on the rear side and produces decent sounds at an okay volume and no distortion noticed on max volume. The 3.5mm headphone jack is positioned along the bottom which allows for easy access if carrying in pockets and keeps the cable out of the way when holding the tablet upright. Some report poor speaker performance due to a faulty speakers however mine sounds good even on max volume.

Build quality Made by computer manufacturer’s ‘Asus’. Reports they designed the device within 4 months and enjoyed working alongside Google who has similar ideals as they do when it comes to design and 7 tablet thickness

“Software and hardware need to go hand in hand and Google wanted to have a perfect device working perfectly with their software.” Asus

Whats in the box?

  • Simple instruction book
  • Charger with USB socket
  • USB Cable

Don’t just trust me check out what other owners think by clicking here

Finally Performance Tegra 3 quad-core 1.4 GHz processor, 1GB Ram Battery life according to ‘toms hardware’. Showing the battery life when listening to mp3’s and browsing the net. The Nexus7 is the clear winner with a whopping 7.30 hours running time.

Graphics bench marking tests taken from ‘Toms hardware’. Showing the scores similar to it’s larger more expensive brothers Transformer pad and Transformer prime.

GLBenchmark 2.1.4 Transformer Prime (TF201) Nexus 7
Egypt Standard 5720 frames (51 FPS) 5968 frames (53 FPS)
Egypt Fixed 65.250 s (45 FPS) 59.279 s (48 FPS)
Egypt Offscreen (720p) 7122 frames (63 FPS) 7073 frames (63 FPS)
Pro Standard 2744 frames (55 FPS) 2830 frames (57 FPS)
Pro Fixed 23.599 s (53 FPS) 22.515 s (56 FPS)
Pro Offscreen (720p) 3827 frames (76 FPS) 4095 frames (82 FPS)
Fill Rate 415.326944 Mtexels/s 467.571264 Mtexels/s

In summary Google and Asus device is not really original like the Ipad was when it appeared on the market but it is indeed like the Ipad a game changer. A piece of kit that other manufacturers are going to be playing catch up on to compete with the sleek design, good specifications and simple interface. The master of truly portable tablets is born and it’s name is the Nexus7.

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