Dec 072014

Reduce reflections from sunlight and protect your display from scratches with an Anti-glare screen protector sold in the UK,

These protectors are a bargain at just under 5 pounds for a triple pack and like with many screen guards may be difficult to install, however once on should provide the protection you require, Fosmon pack includes:

  • 3 Guard’s
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Cleaning cloth
  • An Applicator card

Some owners of this protecter are complaining of a slightly fuzzy screen once installed due to the anti-glare properties, however most are pleased with the performance and finger smudges are a lot less noticeable once display is covered. Post Update: My Amazon Review

Does almost everything it says on the tin, 19 Sep 2012 What you get is a lot for the price, it’s £5 for 3 protectors, You can’t get better than that! They work well enough, once all the bubbles and dust is removed from underneath. This took me a while to do in order to make it completely free but should be expected with any protector installation so nothing to do with the product, dust is annoyingly attracted to the screen.

Once installed I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised with the quality and anti-glare property appears to work particularly well. Even though the description states ‘crystal clear film’ I have to disagree as there is a slight fuzziness to the screen. Some may be put off by this, however it’s really not a big deal or annoying to me, everything still looks great quality from the high res screen. Also another plus is the smooth feel when you touch the protector, your finger slides across a lot better than on the bare screen itself.

Everything you need to install the screen comes with it, a card to remove air bubbles, lint free cloth to remove dust, straight forward instructions and installation tags to make film covers easy to remove. Tip: for removing Dust that sticks to the screen protector use cellar tape and stick onto the dust stuck to the inside of the protector and it will be removed.

Fosmon Anti-Glare (Matte) Screen Protector Shield buy from here

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