Dec 012014
Max Payne Mobile by Rockstar Games [ Gameplay ] HD

For Android – Max Payne was first released in 2001 for PC and at the time was a popular game with large fan base, The game is a third person shooter known for excellent story line. reminds me of sin city the movie, the narration over comic book slides is cool and it sucks you in from the start, where Max arrives home to find his wife and baby murdered. The gameplay involves bullet timing similar to matrix style shoot outs where everything is in slow motion, There are problems with the PC port to android such as the auto aim is on and makes the game rather easy, turn it off and the game is barely playable. Maybe a game controller will work better. As i said the best part of the game is the storyline, So rounding up, works well on the Nexus 7 with souped up tegra 3 graphics and 7 inch screen. Touch controls work well enough but for more of challenge turn auto aim off and use a game controller.