Dec 072014

Logitech Boombox – One of the best wireless speakers available for the Nexus 7

I can confirm Logitech Wireless Speakers work amazingly well on the Nexus 7 and for the sound quality you will be lucky to find a better product for this cheap price.

The Good Overall decent sound quality Bluetooth connected quickly with no issues

The Bad Lack of tone controls – voices may seem to have to much bass occasionally At close to half a metre in length it’s not as portable as other wireless speakers – Perfect for around the house On low battery the sound quality decreases slightly


  • Portable weight = 1.8kg, length = 45cm
  • Works within a 10 metre (33 foot) radius
  • Internal Rechargable battery lasts for up to 6 hours straight
  • 8 Custom  drivers to separate sound frequencies – Ensures you have optimum listening experience with clear, rich notes and deep bass

The Boombox is equipped with 6 speakers at the front and 2 bass speakers at the rear given excellent sound quality to all genres of music I’ve thrown at it, only issue is the bass can seem to much occassionally.

The controls are basic – Power on/off button, volume up/down button and bluetooth pairing button.

The speakers are very easy to operate any tech novice could use without much trouble.  Simply turn the power on, turn bluetooth on your tablet and then press the bluetooth pair button on the speakers, they should pair in less than a minute Are there any niggles?

Well yes. The plug to recharge the batteries can either be used in the UK or EU with the 2 pin adaptors by sliding the desired pin assembly in the plug, it feels weak and I would rather have a dedicated plug.

There are no controls to alter any frequencies or speakers (like bass, treble etc) just the factory set sound which is fine for 90% of the time. The battery will need replacing after a certain number of charge cycles (the battery is easy to get to under the stand, it looks like 3 AA batteries arranged in a triangle stack taped together and wires connecting them – probably an easy homemade replacement with more powerful charge batteries could be done later).

I can see through the small niggles to see a great little boom box. I have been using it for a while now and am loving it more and more each time. I recommend this items for anyone who wants to listen to their MP3 collection through speakers rather than the usual headphones. A good price and good quality means an easy choice.

Includes a 3.5mm out socket so can be connected to non bluetooth enabled devices as well. Logitech Wireless Boombox If your serious about music and happy to spend that bit more than you might want to check out Bose SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speakergoogle tablet nexus 7 wireless speakers bluetooth android tablet